Choose any elective for 2017-2018

Rick Quax/ July 21, 2017/ Uncategorized

Dear minor CLS subscribers,

I have contacted each and every course/program coordinator about the access to the math courses for our minor students (second item in Courses). The short conclusion for this year is that so far none is made available for you. Most say their course is already full, or some say that you miss some important background knowledge. Or are later corrected by their program coordinator that access is limited. Unfortunately for this our minor depends on others so I cannot change it.

Therefore, please feel free to choose any elective course (not already part of your own program’s mandatory part) in this slot. Try to make it still computational science, so for instance in the direction of computer science or a course in a different domain than your own (i.e., if you are a biologist then have a look at accessible courses in physics, chemistry, or social sciences). I will accept any elective course here for this study year. If you can still find a math course that you specifically can enroll into then that would be great (e.g., Basiswiskunde if this complements your deficiencies), otherwise please find another type of course.

I am sorry for this unfortunate fact, and I hope that you can still find a suitable and useful course to add to your minor! Your statistics will be brushed up in the SDA course and I will tell the Mod&Sim lecturer that any non-trivial linear algebra used should first be introduced. For any calculus knowledge needed we will also post some specific resources so that you can learn the skills needed to complete an assignment or test.